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22 February 2022

All in One SEO: Powerful WordPress SEO - New in Version 4.1.8 – Released on February 22, 2022

Canonical URL of the latest post sometimes used for the homepage.
Canonical URL and OG:URL missing from attachment pages.
Custom canonical URL no longer alters the schema of the OG:URL.
Headline Analyzer sometimes not correctly identifying some uncommon words, power words, etc.
Image sitemap now includes the correct amount of images if the post content contains an invalid post gallery shortcode.
Image sitemap scan sometimes interferes with the V3 post meta migration.
Miscellaneous Webmaster Verification field is now trimmed before being output into the HEAD, preventing blank spaces.
PHP error after deleting a post from a post type that does not support trashing.
SEO Title field no longer has extra trailing spaces.
Meta Description field no longer has an extra trailing new line.
TruSEO now runs correctly if the visual editor in the Classic Editor is disabled.
Sitemap Priority/Frequency dropdowns now correctly display in the sidebar.
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